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Geburtstag James O'Halloran
Name James O'Halloran
Geburtsdatum 20.10.1984
Infos TV
  ames O'Halloran (born in October 20, 1984) is an Australian model and actor best known as the second male model of the US TV show The Price Is Right. He was born in Melbourne, Australia. James currently resides in Los Angeles.

In 2014, he moved to the US and participated in a nationwide casting call, which he won. He became the second male model of The Price Is Right, beating fellow finalists Jay Byars and Jonathan Morgan.

James began his acting career in Australia appearing in Twenty Something, Offspring and Never Tear us Apart: The INXS Story. He also played lead roles in feature films Cynthia and Deadly Crush. He starred in The Late Late Show segment "Take a Break" with James Corden. He has also guest starred in The Young and the Restless, The Talk with Sharon Osbourne, Notorious, The Catch, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

James O'Halloran met his fiancée Jaimee Gooley at the Melbourne Cup in Australia.

James worked three years as an industrial designer while taking night acting classes. He eventually quit his job to become a model.
Quelle: Youtube.com  
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